Whether you already have an existing asphalt sealcoating business or are looking to get started for the first time, you’ll need equipment. Regardless of whether you’re a small business with frequent use of your asphalt equipment or perhaps a property owner preferring to cut costs by doing your own asphalt maintenance, you need equipment that is reliable and durable. Asphalt equipment leasing can be less costly than buying it new.

A hot and sticky job

Asphalt maintenance and sealcoating can be a hot and messy task, but with the right equipment, your repairs can go quickly and smoothly. However, purchasing a fleet of brand new machines and accessories can put a major dent in your capital budget or your maintenance budget. Leasing is a low-stress way to ensure you have the equipment necessary for your asphalt sealcoating jobs, big or small, and leaves you with finances for other important expenses, like the ever increasing cost of transportation.

More benefits of asphalt equipment leasing

There are many benefits to leasing your asphalt maintenance equipment: you have the freedom to update your asphalt equipment without having to buy it all new, the stability of regular payments instead of the “feast and famine” that often comes with buying and leasing is attractive to contractors and small business owners alike.

Some of the asphalt equipment you can lease:

• Melters
• Cracksealers
• Sealcoating Machines
• Rollers
• Line Stripers
• Spray hoses
• Crack Cleaners

Why Advantage works for asphalt equipment leasing

Advantage’s asphalt equipment leasing process is faster, simpler, and often less costly than other equipment financing alternatives. In fact, our leases are always less costly than normal credit card lines. Read more about the advantages of equipment leasing on your cash flow, tax returns and capital availability, or to get more information on the quick and easy application process. Call us at 800.949.7040 with any questions you may have.