Advantage has solutions for your concrete equipment financing needs

Concrete surface preparation can be tough, but the right equipment can help even the biggest jobs. In the field, several concerns factor into concrete surfacing and floor preparation. Efficiency, cleanliness, speed and quality all weigh on the mind of any contractor. That is why it is essential to have the most appropriate surfacing equipment – and enough of it – for each job. Concrete equipment financing may be the answer.

Good quality floor preparation equipment can boost productivity

When you have access to high quality floor surfacing equipment, jobs can be completed more quickly. Time previously used removing old flooring, grinding down surfaces or having to clean up the mess after grinding can take up a fraction of the time it normally does when you have the equipment you want. However, buying all that equipment is a huge investment, not just for new businesses but for anyone.

What sort of floor preparation equipment is needed for concrete surfacing?

When surfacing concrete and preparing floors, the equipment needed will vary depending on the current state of the surface when starting a job. Scrapers and strippers – able to remove various thick floor coverings and waterproofing membranes – can reduce the time and effort spent on what is otherwise a tedious job. Concrete floor saws are needed, often using diamond blades, for cutting concrete and pavement. Air-powered scabblers and scarifiers can remove loose or deteriorating concrete, create slip-resistant surfaces and texture wheelchair ramps or parking decks. Some scarifiers include systems for controlling dust as well. Grinders are for finer work, using rotating disks to prepare concrete surfaces for new coatings, carpet, etc. Grinders are also useful for removing thick coatings and membranes, removing imperfections and smoothing surfaces.

Some of the concrete surfacing equipment that can be financed:

•Floor Saws
•Dust Extractors
•Diamond Products and Parts

Brand names you can finanace:

•Outline Products®
•And even used surfacing equipment!

How to arrange concrete equipment financing

Fortunately, your bottom line doesn’t need to be weighed down with the purchase of all this equipment. Advantage’s leasing process is even less costly, very often, than other equipment financing alternatives and always less costly than normal credit card lines. In addition, the leasing process is fast and convenient with out online application form or by phone at 800.949.7040. And of course, if you have any questions about whether concrete equipment financing is the perfect option for you, give us a call.