With the turmoil in the financial markets over the past few years, business owners are looking for ways to save money and improve cash flow. One area they should consider is equipment leasing, rather than buying outright. When budgeting for your business, equipment leasing can provide some attractive benefits. Cash-starved companies are smart to consider leasing, rather than purchasing equipment. By considering the economic advantage of leasing you can have access to almost anything you might need for your business: computers, office furnishings, trucks and much more.

Keeping up with technology

Leasing arrangements can help businesses keep up with ever-changing technology. Even after only one year in use, much technology (such as computers) may need to be replaced by a newer, improved version. A leasing arrangement helps many businesses with the cost of continually buying new pieces of equipment to accommodate changes in business needs.

Tax Benefits

A major economic advantage of leasing, depending on the lease structure, is that the monthly payments may be treated as a tax deductible business expense.

Cash Flow

Companies that rely upon cutting-edge technology such as communication devices, vehicles, or other equipment will find a big economic advantage to leasing. A series of short-term leases will often cost you less than replacing the equipment every year or two. Some leases even have yearly upgrades built into them, eliminating the need to pull the cash together for an equipment upgrade.

Choosing a Leasing Company to Help You Realize the Economic Advantage of Leasing

With the economy slowing and many lenders cutting back on access to credit for buyers, it is a challenge to know if leasing is right for your business. You may need to search harder for the right partner to provide your lease.

For early-stage businesses, equipment lease financing is more easily obtained from a company such as Advantage Leasing than from a bank. Currently there are a lot of banks and other leasing companies that aren’t lending right now because they are holding their cash, they are in financial trouble, or they have gone out of business. Advantage Leasing is still lending and is looking to establish relationships with businesses like yours.

When you choose a company such as Advantage Leasing, you may find that leasing is easier to obtain than you might think. Our capital base allows us to retain leases in our own portfolio. This enables us to offer customers very competitive rates, great flexibility in lease structure, and personalized service.

The equipment leasing process is fast and easy with our online application form or by phone at 800.949.7040. If you have any questions about whether equipment leasing is the right option for your business, please give us a call.

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