Why are so many businesses installing surveillance systems in their offices? The main reason is TO SAVE MONEY. Companies that invest in leasing a surveillance system are likely to save money in a number of ways:

Insurance (workers comp) – Every year American businesses pay out millions if not billions of dollars to their employees for workers compensation for accidents that aren’t work related. Employment law in the United States heavily favors the employee and for good reason. But without a way to prove your employee wasn’t hurt on the job, businesses are extremely vulnerable to abuses of the system. By installing surveillance systems, companies can monitor their stores, production lines or any work place and have photographic evidence of specific injuries or accidents. Additionally, by seeing accidents first hand, business owners can take preventative measures to minimize future injuries.

Theft – All businesses have problems with theft from grocery stores to banks. Installing surveillance cameras not only can abate theft from outsiders, but can curb internal theft.

Productivity – Wonder what your employees are doing all day? Surveillance systems can track productivity of your workers and work on improving the efficiency of your business.

Internet Viewable – Surveillance systems today allow the business owner to view their business operations from another location. The owner could be on a business trip in China and still keep an eye on his business.

Multiple Locations – Some business owners have more than one location and can only be present at one location at a time. Security cameras offer owners the ability to monitor locations simultaneously.

Peace of Mind – The other reason companies get surveillance systems for their business is for peace of mind. Knowing that your assets are protected and having insurance to back up claims makes the system a valid investment.

Now how do business owners pay for their new surveillance systems?

There are many different ways to pay for equipment for your business. The first and most obvious is paying cash. Not all business owners have the budget to pay cash for a surveillance system. This brings us to financing.

Financing your security system is a great way to acquire your security equipment without having to seriously impact your cash flow. Traditional loans with banks can be good when considering an interest rate. You will typically have to put down anywhere from 10%– 20%. Along with the hefty down payment, banks place a blanket lien on all company assets.

What if a business owner could get that brand new surveillance system without giving up interest in assets or having to put down a large amount of money? Equipment leasing is the solution. Equipment leasing is a way to finance 100 percent of your surveillance system; your only upfront costs are the first and last payment. The leasing company only holds a lien on the particular equipment you are acquiring, your security system – not all the assets of the company. All great reasons for leasing a surveillance system.

The top 5 reasons for leasing a surveillance system:

1. Cash Flow – Making monthly payments are much easier than paying thousands of dollars out of pocket. Let the surveillance equipment pay for itself instead of waiting years before you break-even.

2. Low Down Payment (100% financing) – Paying your first and last payment upfront is much easier than having to pay out of pocket 10% or 20% for a traditional loan from a bank.

3. Service contracts – Service contracts for the surveillance system can be bundled into a lease so you have one low monthly payment.

4. Upgrading – Adding equipment to your lease agreement is extremely easy.

5. Leasing allows for “up selling” – Adding additional equipment to the lease will not change the monthly payment significantly so it allows customers to get everything they need without removing certain items due to budget constraints.

This is a time to consider surveillance systems and the benefits of leasing the equipment.