With technologies in healthcare constantly advancing – along with prices – how do hospitals, medical practices, nursing facilities and other private healthcare practices keep their budgets in line? Instead of choosing credit or loans to purchase equipment, healthcare facilities are choosing medical equipment leasing. Leasing saves your working capital and pays for the equipment as it’s used, and most importantly, it allows for shorter payment terms so necessary upgrades to new technologies are more cost effective than purchasing.

Medical equipment leasing also retains your bank borrowing capacity, lowers your monthly payment, and in many cases, equipment lease payments are a fully tax deductible expense since your payment becomes a liability on the balance sheet instead of a business asset.

With the cost savings from leasing, you can afford to have more equipment, such as ultrasounds and x-ray machines, available in your office. What does this mean to you? More procedures that that you can bill for, which means more opportunities to increase your bottom line instead of your stack of referrals paperwork.

Medical equipment leasing: Equipment You Can Lease

•Patient monitoring equipment
•X-Ray machines
•Medical Aesthetic Lasers
•MRI equipment
•Ultrasound systems
•Exam tables
•Lab equipment
•Computer systems
•Waiting room chairs and tables
•Filing systems and reception desks

How to get started with medical equipment leasing

Whether you are starting your own private practice, expanding your office or are ready to purchase new equipment, investigate the benefits of leasing. The process is quick and easy at Advantage.