Staff Electric Company is a Wisconsin corporation founded in Milwaukee, in 1918. Ninety years later, Staff Electric has built upon its electrical construction and engineering to a company that has grown to over 300 trades people and a solid management and support staff that are experts in electrical construction and design/build. Staff Electric has locations in Menomonee Falls and Madison.

As specialists in design/build, Staff Electric is experienced in the following industries: assembly, business, education, factory, infrastructure cabling, institutional, residential, storage. Within these markets, Staff’s clients are typically general contractors, construction managers and owners.

Staff Electric employs one of the largest electrician crews and has the experience to handle very complex projects. In addition to its size, Staff prides itself on low turnover and seasoned trades people – many of them with more than 30 years of electrical contracting experience. Another client benefit to Staff’s size is that the company has incredible purchasing power and obtains the best pricing for fixtures, systems and large distribution equipment.

Staff Electric developed and maintains an OSHA compliant safety program. The processes involved have been implemented and are practiced without second thought at all levels and functions within the company.

Employing minorities and partnering with minority firms is a continual goal of Staff Electric Company. Conduit, wire and other miscellaneous materials are often purchased from a minority supplier. In addition, over 9% of Staff Electric Company’s journeymen electricians are minorities.

Staff Electric Company’s corporate officers and owners are Michael Lochmann, president, Gary Neuens, Vice president design/Build and secretary Treasurer.

The bonding company that regularly executes bid and surety bonds for Staff Electric Company is Zurich whose local agent and attorney-in-fact is Brehmer agency, located at 12800 W. Silver Spring drive in Butler, WI.

In the history of Staff Electric, no bonding company has experienced a loss due to the company’s failure to carry out a contract, nor has Staff ever failed to complete a project. present bonding limitation is $60 Million, with an increased amount negotiable.

The Corporation’s financial institution the US Bank of Milwaukee, where a $5.0 million line of credit is obtainable.

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