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Advantage+ Financing is a nationwide direct business lender based in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Our specialty is financing $5,000 to $200,000 loans for business equipment and related costs. We also lend up to $50,000 for working capital. We are here to help you and your company grow.

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Founder, Larry K. Elton

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Advantage+ Explained

Financing Solutions for Small Businesses

At Advantage+, we provide financing solutions for small businesses of all kinds, including those who may find it difficult to obtain financing through conventional means. We understand that small businesses are the backbone of the economy, and we are committed to helping them grow and thrive by providing access to the capital they need to succeed.

We offer financing solutions to small businesses, even those that may not qualify for traditional financing.

Direct Lenders

As a direct business lender, we do not rely on intermediaries to connect borrowers with capital. Instead, we make our own lending decisions and provide financing directly to our customers and vendors.

We are a direct lender, providing efficient and personalized lending solutions to our borrowers.

Dealing with Decision Makers

Our customers and vendors deal with our decision-makers directly. This means that there are no middlemen involved in the lending process, which allows for more efficient communication and a quicker decision-making process. With direct access to our decision-makers, we can provide more personalized service and tailor our financing solutions to meet the unique needs of each borrower.

Customers and vendors can communicate directly with our decision-makers, ensuring a more efficient and personalized lending experience.

Common Sense Underwriting and No Pre-Payment Penalties

As a direct lender, we are able to offer common sense underwriting, better terms, and more flexibility to our borrowers. This includes the ability to prepay without penalty and to restructure and add to existing loans as conditions change. By cutting out intermediaries, we are able to operate with greater efficiency and lower overhead, which allows us to pass on those savings to our borrowers in the form of more competitive rates and better loan terms.

A prepayment penalty is a fee that some lenders charge when you pay off a loan early. You can partially or fully prepay your Advantage+ loan at any time with absolutely no prepayment penalty or fee. Any payments made in addition to your contractual monthly payment will be applied towards a reduction in the principal balance of your loan.

Our direct lending model allows us to provide common sense underwriting, better terms, and greater flexibility to our borrowers.