We finance most types of business equipment, including manufacturing machinery, office equipment, material handling equipment, computers, tractors, and trailers.

We offer 100% financing and include soft costs such as sales tax, shipping, and installation.

We finance business equipment purchases of $5,000 to $200,000.

We also lend $5,000 to $50,000 for working capital.

Our rates vary depending on the type of equipment, the amount, the term and credit profile, but rates are always competitive and usually substantially lower than credit cards and online lenders.

Use our payment calculator to see what your actual payments could be or contact us for a free quote.

To some, the current interest rates might seem a bit high at first. Especially for first-time buyers, who may be comparing commercial equipment loan rates to “big box” consumer finance plans. It is important to understand that we set these rates carefully to be in line with what is currently normal and competitive in the market.

We are open and clear about why our rates are what they are. There are no hidden fees, no escalating rates, and most importantly, no pre-payment penalties.

We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we specialize in creating financing plans that fit the needs of small businesses like yours.

At Advantage+, we want to build a lasting partnership that helps your business grow.

Our standard equipment loans generally carry a 36 to 48 month term. We may consider a 60-month term for some larger loans.

Our working capital loans are usually established with a 12 to 24 month term.

We may ask for a security deposit on a loan for a couple of reasons.

First off, it serves as a form of collateral, providing us with an additional layer of assurance.

Secondly, in cases where the equipment’s value might not entirely cover the loan amount, a security deposit acts as an additional safeguard and minimizes our risk.

The security deposit is a precautionary measure that helps protect the interests of both the borrower and the lender, contributing to a more secure and manageable lending arrangement.

Security deposits are held for the term of the loan, and are returned at the end, barring any unforeseen payment issues.

Requiring a down payment on a loan is a common practice for equipment finance companies and it serves a few important purposes.

First and foremost, a down payment demonstrates your commitment and financial stability. It shows that you are invested in the success of the transaction and reduces the risk for us as the lender.

Additionally, a down payment helps to mitigate our risk by reducing the overall loan amount.

Furthermore, a down payment can be used to cover any potential depreciation in the value of the equipment over time. By having some equity upfront, we are better protected in case the equipment’s value decreases faster than anticipated.

Requiring an additional personal guarantor on a loan is a precautionary step that we take to enhance the assurance of loan repayment. Here are a few reasons why we might ask for a personal guarantor:

  1. Risk Mitigation: Having a personal guarantor adds an extra layer of security for us as the lender. If the business encounters difficulties repaying the loan, the personal guarantors step in to take responsibility for the debt. This helps lower our risk and improves the chances of approving the loan.
  2. Creditworthiness: If the borrowing business has a limited credit history, bringing in a personal guarantor with a stronger financial profile can strengthen the overall creditworthiness of the loan application. This can lead to more favorable loan terms and conditions.
  3. Business Viability: For small businesses or startups, having a personal guarantor can provide reassurance about the financial stability of the venture. It shows that there is additional support and commitment from someone with a vested interest in the success of the borrowing business.

In essence, requiring a personal guarantor allows us to minimize risk, enhance the overall credit profile of the loan, and increase the chances of successful repayment.

We want to emphasize that there are no undisclosed upfront costs associated with our loans. Transparency is integral to our approach, and we ensure that all costs are clearly communicated and visible to our customers from the start.

Requiring closing costs and documentation fees on a loan is a common practice for equipment finance companies, and it serves several important purposes:

  1. Administrative Expenses:Closing costs help cover the administrative expenses associated with processing and finalizing the loan. This includes the costs of underwriting, purchasing credit reports, document preparation, and other administrative tasks involved in facilitating the loan.
  2. Due Diligence:We conduct due diligence to assess the borrowing business’ creditworthiness and the value of the equipment being financed. Closing costs contribute to covering these due diligence expenses, ensuring a thorough examination of the financial viability of the transaction.
  3. Legal and Regulatory Compliance:Closing costs may also offset fees associated with ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.

While closing costs might seem like an additional financial burden, they play a crucial role in covering various expenses associated with processing and securing the loan, ultimately ensuring a smoother and more secure lending process.

To apply for a business equipment loan, you will need to fill out the online application. We will ask for information about both the borrowing business as well as the principal(s)/owner(s) of the business.

Once approved, we will require proof of identification (photo of Driver’s License), and contact information for each personal guarantor on the loan.

We will also need an invoice for the equipment being purchased.

The loan documents will be sent electronically and can be digitally signed from a smart phone or computer.

Requiring a Power of Attorney (POA) on a loan is a precautionary measure taken to streamline and secure the lending process. Here are some reasons why we might request a POA:

A POA grants us the authority to manage and control certain aspects of titled equipment. This ensures efficient collateral management, allowing us to take prompt action in case of default or other issues.

While granting a POA involves a level of delegation of authority, it is generally done with the intention of facilitating a smoother and more secure lending process, protecting the interests of both you as the borrower and Advantage+ as the lender.

Requiring insurance coverage on the equipment in a loan is a standard practice for equipment finance companies, and it serves multiple important purposes:

  1. Asset Protection:Insurance coverage safeguards the financed equipment against potential risks such as theft, damage, or loss. This protection ensures that the asset maintains its value over the course of the loan, reducing the financial impact in case of unforeseen events.
  2. Loan Security:In the event of damage or loss, the insurance payout can contribute to covering the outstanding loan balance.
  3. Compliance with Loan Agreement:Insurance requirements are typically stipulated in the loan agreement. Ensuring that the equipment is adequately insured is a contractual obligation that you agree to fulfill. Non-compliance could result in default, leading to potential legal and financial consequences.
  4. Business Continuity:In the event of equipment damage or loss, insurance coverage facilitates the timely replacement or repair of the equipment. This contributes to the continuity of your business operations, minimizing disruptions caused by unforeseen events.

In summary, requiring insurance coverage on financed equipment is a risk management strategy that protects your interests as well as ours. It ensures the continued value of the collateral and provides financial security in the face of damage or loss of the equipment.

We work at the speed of our customers. We can complete our approval process within the day of receiving an application, and we can fund the loan the same day we recieve the signed loan agreement.

Once we’ve completed the transaction on our end, the timeframe for the disbursement of funds varies based on the payment method chosen by the vendor.

Real Time Payments and Wire transfers are expedited, with a processing period of 1-2 hours. Transactions involving Automated Clearing House (ACH) take 24-48 hours.

Your first payment is due approximately one month after your loan closes. The actual due date varies, based on the date that your loan is funded.

While most equipment finance companies are brokers or lenders that sell their contracts, we do not. We service your loan from start to finish. This means more borrower flexibility, such as adding to or restructuring loans.
Unlike many other lenders, at Advantage+, there are no charges if you pay off your loan early. You can settle your loan whenever you want, and you’ll only need to pay the remaining amount you owe.

Yes. If your company sells new or used business equipment valued between $5,000 and $200,000,  we will personalize an equipment financing vendor program for you.

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