A Hassle-Free and Straightforward Journey

Your journey to business success starts with Advantage+, with our simple, three-step process. First, kickstart your aspirations by applying online. It’s quick and easy, you can even apply from your phone!

Experience the Advantage+ touch with swift approvals, tailor-made to your business needs, ensuring you get the green light promptly without unnecessary delays. Once approved, witness your plans materialize as our fast and reliable funding process injects financial support directly into your business, allowing you to move forward with confidence. Advantage+ doesn’t just offer financing; we provide a streamlined pathway to your business dreams, making growth accessible and achievable.

Partner with Advantage+ to tell your success story – where applying, approving, and funding become the keys to unlocking your business potential.

A Simple Easy Process

Unlock Success: Apply, Approve, Fund—Your Efficient Path to Business Growth with Advantage+


Submit your application through our secure application portal.


When we get your application, we’ll call you to get acquainted and discuss your financing options.


Once we complete the approval process, normally within one business day, we will email our financing commitment to you.


Lastly, we will email documents to you for your electronic signature. Once you’ve completed that step, we fund your loan!

Apply Now

Apply online, and we’ll call you to get acquainted.

Our approval process takes place the same day!

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