Introducing The Equipment Financing Agreement

  • Finance 100% of your costs, including equipment, installation, shipping, and taxes
  • You own the equipment from the beginning – no buyout required
  • No advance payments are required
  • No pre-payment penalty

The Advantage+ Equipment Financing Agreement (EFA) is a fixed-term loan featuring equal monthly payments. What sets it apart is that, unlike a lease, the borrower becomes the owner of the equipment. In contrast to traditional bank loans that often secure assets comprehensively, Advantage+ only retains a security interest in the equipment itself.

Similar to a lease, the EFA covers 100% of the equipment cost, including shipping and dealer expenses. The key difference lies in the absence of upfront cash requirements, providing borrowers with cost-saving advantages. Our customers still enjoy the flexibility we’ve always offered, such as penalty-free pre-payment and options to adjust the amount financed or terms midway.

Advantage+ frequently collaborates directly with equipment vendors, simplifying the financing process for end customers. In comparison to lease agreements, EFAs streamline bookkeeping for vendors, treating the financing agreement as a regular taxed sale on their books. EFAs are available for equipment purchases ranging from $5,000 to $200,000.

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