Equipment Financing For Your Customers

If your company sells new or used business equipment valued between $5,000 and $200,000, let Advantage Leasing personalize an equipment financing vendor program that can help you increase sales, create more happy customers, and get paid faster.

Our equipment financing program offers:

Personalized Website Banner and Landing Page for Your Website

Receive this FREE “Financing Available” banner image for your website that links to your own customized landing page on our website. No need to handle any of the financing. Simply have them connect right to us but have it look like it’s from you.

The banner also can be customized to include your logo, color scheme and sized to fit your website. See a sample below.

Personalized Underwriting

Our seasoned credit analysts quickly investigate each customer on an individual basis rather than depending on inflexible credit scoring systems for equipment financing. This improves our approval ratio and increases our effectiveness in supporting your business.

Fast Turn Around

For most customers who require equipment financing under $50,000, we complete our credit process the same day we receive applications. Larger equipment financing processing is normally completed in two or three business days.

Individualized Programs

We will gladly work with you to create a program that best meets the needs of your company, as well as the needs of your customers. (Seasonal payments, skip payments, varying lease end purchase options, etc.)


Because we fund 100% of our equipment financing ourselves (we are not brokers), we can structure each lease to meet the specific needs and desires of your customer.

Advance Payment Program

We can easily make down payments and progress payments to you on behalf of your customers.

Pre Payment Without Penalty

This distinct feature makes it easier for your customers to say yes when making the buy/lease/delay decision.

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