National Business Furniture has partnered with Advantage+ to offer financing options for your business furniture purchase. The process is simple and the rates are competitive.

Advantage+, a nationwide, direct lender since 1992, has served National Business Furniture customers for over 10 years. When you finance with Advantage+, you can include 100% of the expense (shipping, tax, permits, installation and more). Apply below to get started today.

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Financing Process

The process is quick and simple

  1. Submit your application through our secure website application portal.
  2. When we get your application, we’ll call you to get acquainted and discuss options.
  3. Once we complete our approval process — normally within a day — we will email our financing commitment to you.
  4. Lastly, we will email electronic loan documents to you for signature. Once signed, we will fund your equipment purchase.

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